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Five generations of tradition

Our history begins in the first years of 1900s, when the De Checchi family started a brick manufacturing business in order to respond to the local demand, also helping other productive activities. At the time, it was very common for people to create the bricks for their own houses by themselves, and then fire them in local furnaces. S.Anselmo was the first company in the area to make a private furnace available.

Brick production used to follow a seasonal pace, as the drying of materials could only be carried out during the summer. With the subsequent introduction of mechanical automation, the firm reached such an industrial development that, in the 60s and 70s, it became the only company in Italy to manufacture soft-mud bricks. This was a remarkable innovation in the construction field, since, until then, bricks were only used as a structural element. As years went by, S.Anselmo established itself as a leader in the market, making the brick sector a reality.

In the 90s, under the leadership of Renzo De Checchi, S.Anselmo acquired several production sites in order to complete and extend the range of services it could offer; this was the beginning of an expansion process that, to this day, has yet to stop. Thanks to the efforts of the new generation managing the company, S.Anselmo reached the foreign market, which now constitutes the 90% of production.

From the early 900s until today, our company mastered the production of facing bricks, achieving the highest levels in the market for terracotta both in Italy and overseas. Made in Italy can be admired all over the world thanks to some of the outstanding projects in which S.Anselmo took part.

Familiar tradition has always played a crucial role at S.Anselmo, laying the foundations of our company, while it continues to grow and look to the future. Tradition and innovation are the two cornerstones that allowed our firm to adapt to an ever-changing market, and to go from a small local business to an international manufacturing company.

We have always proudly honoured and preserved our nature and identity, while being oriented toward the future, enthusiastically welcoming any challenge with passion.


We support you during the entire process


You can rely on the expertise of S.Anselmo for your projects. We are here for you during the selection and development of the products that can best suit your needs. Thanks to our technical department and collaborations with experts, we can find the optimal solutions for you.

S.Anselmo Engineering service aims to provide you with extensive support. We will assist you in all processes: laying, anchoring, prefabrication, or adaptation to other construction systems.

We work both independently and in collaboration with third-party architects and engineers – cooperation is the best way to find the perfect solutions.


S.Anselmo can assist you in the laying process of facing bricks and other cladding systems, such as ventilated façades and louvers. Our knowledge of the products and our skills, nurtured during over one hundred years of projects, translate into a thorough and precise service which helps create works of the utmost quality.

Our laying teams take care of any commission according to the arranged schedule and regulations, including the ones in force in the foreign countries we collaborate with.

Moreover, we provide installation support to every project which requires our Engineering service, implementing specific and custom solutions. In this particular case, S.Anselmo employs on-site supervisors, who will follow every step of the laying process ensuring the best results.


Among the core values at S.Anselmo, we count the love and respect of nature and the attention to the quality of life. We are extremely proud of our commitment to the environment, which can be summed up by the expression “Legacy of Green”.

Our products are sustainable, ecological, and environmentally compatible, as they do not contain materials that release VOCs (hazardous volatile organic compounds) after their installation. On the contrary, they are entirely made by natural minerals, such as quartz, clay, and natural pigments.

Environmental commitment concerns the future of our products too – S.Anselmo bricks last forever. As a result, the future usage of raw materials and the need for maintenance are visibly reduced.

We believe in the recycling and reuse of resources: all our bricks can find a new purpose after demolition as filling material on building sites or base material for roadbeds. Our production functions as a closed-cycle process which reintroduces the waste of raw materials and water.

We know that the will to protect the environment starts from the fundamental values of a company; to make a difference, said values must be supported by people, infrastructures, and actions.

Design Centre

S.Anselmo commissioned to a team of talented architects the development of a brand new area destined to be the heart of the social and commercial activities of our company - a contemporary and functional space where people can cooperate and where ideas can be shared.

The new Design Centre will welcome our clients, introducing them to our world; it will be the inspiring location of our meetings, as well as a creative space where theme events and entertaining moments will take place.

The concept behind the project is to build a place where the three core values of S.Anselmo can meet: innovation, flexibility and hospitality.


The Julia Morgan Awards
Julia Morgan Awards
The Julia Morgan Awards for Excellence in Classical Design Craftsmanship & Artisanship
Archdaily Building of the Year
Nominations with 3 projects
Wienerberger Brick Award
Finalist project
Archdaily Building of the Year
Finalist project
Scottish Design Award
Scottish Design Award
Dallas Design Award
Dallas Design Award
AIA Dallas Honor Award
The Architect Newspaper
The Architect's Newspaper
Winner Best of Products Awards Facade Category
Wienerberger Brick Award
Finalist project

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