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Fornace S.Anselmo

A full complete range of clay building products

Fornace S.Anselmo and the other brands of S.Anselmo Group are located in the Mediterran area with different industrial plants dedicated to supply a full and complete range of clay building products : bricks, roof tiles, pavers, ventilated wall tiles, ...


Offices and Sales network

Offices and Sales network

The Italian style in the world

A dynamic and ready service, always at the disposal of the customers. The sales network of S.Anselmo is available in all the continents. Contact us for more informations.

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Work team

S.Anselmo's work team

Renzo De Checchi


The most important challenge and the biggest satisfaction of my entrepreneurial career is to transform the CLAY in a designing product with the target to make it an unique element. I have a lot of new challenges on my table and I am looking forward to continue to assist and satisfy all our clients in the best way.

S.Anselmo's work team

Piero De Checchi

CEO (Head of the board of administration)

My daily attention is focus on "company development" – "social engagement" – "responsibility for the employment" – "customer care". The clay elements produced by my factories and the dedicated services represent my job. I am proud of my powerful team.

S.Anselmo's work team

Alberto De Checchi

Export Sales Manager

W.A.R = "Work – Action – Resolution" are the motive power of my sales staff that is dedicated enthusiastically to reach the maximum satisfaction of our clients. My mission is to export the "clay Italian style" in all the most important international projects.

S.Anselmo's work team

Lorenzo Parrinelli

Italian Sales Manager

I would like to transfer to each one of our customers the possibility to choose the design and the style of the "original Italian terracotta bricks" to cover their own villa. I am really proud to be part of this company and to confirm my awareness to supply a diligent service for each architectural and emotional specification.

S.Anselmo, living the difference
Fornace S.Anselmo S.p.A.
via Tolomei, 61
35010 Loreggia (PD)
P.IVA: IT02365150289
R.I.I.: Padova
Capitale sociale: 904.000,00 €
Tel.: +39 049 9304711
Fax: +39 049 8251217