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The original Italian Rustic brick. It is distinguished by an exclusive surface and it is available in a very wide range of colours with different shades or with regular texture.


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The classic brick, made rich by S.Anselmo style with exclusivity in terms of colours and in terms of performance and design.



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S.Anselmo CORSO

The longformat brick.
The extended and fine shape of "CORSO", the cold colours, the variation of the textures, the size and the position of mortar - joints cooperate to express the modernity of terracotta.

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Clay facing bricks with coloured body and shades of grey. For the use of bricks with modern character and emotionality.

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Clay genuine bricks for reclaimed walls.

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Custom Blends

Clay facing bricks with custom colour.

S.Anselmo can boast more than 100 different types of clay facing bricks and actually through "CUSTOM BELNDS" S.Anselmo can add infinite opportunities to the colour variety. Using this option it is possible to create a custom solution with an exclusive texture obtained by different combinations of sixty distinct colours of bricks. As per the best coffees that are created with selected assortments, the S.Anselmo Custom Blends represent in one solution different colours that together gives a unique character to the final texture. Our Laboratories for the research have defined some ideal guide lines for the design by some proposed Blends, but at the same time, anyone can create his custom combination adding, cutting or blending different colours. Inspire yourself with our Custom blend proposals »



Brick veneer thermal insulation. A technically perfect panel for a healthy and comfortable environment.

  • perfect insulation without thermal bridges
  • ease and speed of application
  • energy and cost savings

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