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S.Anselmo TOOLS

The wall in facing bricks that meets the standards of construction art
In order to facilitate the best result of the laying of bricks, in addition to the many activities of technical advice and the existing services, S.Anselmo has made available a line of accessories for anchorage, ventilation and support of insulation materials. S.Anselmo proposes specific items for the exclusive range of bricks and clay special decorative pieces.

S.Anselmo TOOLS
S.Anselmo TOOLS
Why S.Anselmo TOOLS?
Because the quality of facing bricks needs the anchorage of the brick walls, interspaces, thermal insulation and ventilation holes. Because the products used must be rates, certified and guaranteed; available in quantity enough for an easy retrieval. Because the provider is affiliated with the know-how and the complete consultation. Because the proposed accessories meet the quality of a brick wall which is expected with the choice of the exclusivity of S.Anselmo product.

S.Anselmo TOOLS is a service reserved for affiliated distributors.

The wall
A wall in facing bricks, performed answering "the rules of art", is always a ventilated wall and the thickness of interspace including the thickness of the insulation should not exceed 12 cm.
The purpose
The purpose of metal hooks for fixing is to tie the walls of a masonry by a double layer creating a wall which is more stable and resistant to horizontal stress and especially to the wind action.
The method
The metal hooks for fixing are able to withstand an effort more than 1Kn and are distributed in relation to the projected load with an indication of the maximum of a mesh of 90cm horizontally and vertically of 45cm.
  Item description Code Size
General warnings No. of pcs for pack
Flat connector Flat connector 35530 length 250 Galvanised rod – Class A. To be used in contemporary elevation of the two walls. 500
L-shaped hook L-shaped hook 325320
length 260 - Ø 3,6
length 170 - Ø 3,6
Galvanised rod – Class VD. To be used in contemporary elevation of the two walls. 250
Hook with screw anchor Hook with screw anchor 33512
length 160 - Ø 4
length 250 - Ø 4
Galvanised rod – Class VD. To be used with screw anchors for insertion with hole. 250
Screw anchor Screw anchor 34118 length 40 - Ø 6 Nylon screw anchor to be inserted into hole provided. 1000
Insulation material support Insulation material support 341300 length 65/75 Polypropylene support for insulation wad, on Ø of 3.60/4.50 m. 1000
Aeration joint Aeration joint 291171 100 x 50 x 10 To be inserted in a vertical joint every meter. 225
Horizontal armouring Horizontal armouring 40W35 length 4000
thickness 35
Armor for use in reinforcement stitches with overlap at least of 225 mm. Tensile strength is of 500 N/mm². Min. 100
Horizontal reinforcement mesh Horizontal reinforcement mesh SBT60CCR length 25 m
thickness 60
Ø max 1,25
Stainless steel mesh to control the loading  deformation Roll of 25m
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