Direct online retailing of flat bricks and corner flat bricks


The new proposal of S.Anselmo bricks glazed with trendy colors.

Our bricks can be glazed on any support, creating special effects or going to replicate existing colors and surfaces. The limit in this case is the imagination.

Future inspired by the past

The search for shiny and gaudy effects has been associated with beautyand opulence. In the past, since early Babylonians, the first glazed terracotta artisans, the development of coloured glossy glazes had led to the creation of projects of great magnificence. Over time glazes and enamels have been proposed in various forms expressing different concepts up to the most common use in ceramics. However, the result achieved by glazing terracotta elements remains a timeless product, that now is even more current than ever.

Transforming matter into something unique

The new proposal of glazes enhances and embellishes the terracotta while maintaining its most honest form. We are referring to products that show the warmth of terracotta through shiny and opaque colors, pastel and metallic reflections, intense and subtle shades. All of this bringing a new breath on anuniverse as ancient as the raw material that composes it.


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