Direct online retailing of flat bricks and corner flat bricks
Clay brick pavers

There is a very big variety of aesthetical opportunities, because of the different clays, sizes and shapes of Terracotta for floorings.

The singleness of each production is the real key point of this products that can easily increase the identity of each house, that can obtain regard and admiration.

Clay Brick paver Clay Brick paver
Brick sizes: STANDARD normal format sizes: 250x120x55 mm
weight: 2.500 g
pieces: 234 by pallet
pieces: 32 pcs/m2
Clay Brick paver
A001LO : Londra
Tech. schedule: A001LOp
Specifications: A001LOp
DOP (perform.): A001LOp
Clay Brick paver
A001LOF : Londra Sabbia Fine
Tech. schedule: A001LOFp
Specifications: A001LOFp
DOP (perform.): A001LOFp
Clay Brick paver
A001RI : Rosso Impero
Tech. schedule: A001RIp
Specifications: A001RIp
DOP (perform.): A001RIp
Clay Brick paver
A001ROF : Rosato Sabbia Fine
Tech. schedule: A001ROFp
Specifications: A001ROFp
DOP (perform.): A001ROFp
Clay Brick paver
A001ROP : Rosato per pavimento
Tech. schedule: A001ROPp
Specifications: A001ROPp
DOP (perform.): A001ROPp
Clay Brick paver
A001TS : Terra di Siena
Tech. schedule: A001TSp
Specifications: A001TSp
DOP (perform.): A001TSp
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