Corso Aqua


In order to achieve remarkable and outstanding architecture, it is imperative to combine daring ideas, excellent expertise and high-quality raw materials. The special shape of our Corso Aqua brick will enhance the beauty of your projects, providing them with a unique and elegant allure. In our handmade Corso Aqua bricks and thin bricks, artisanal tradition mixes perfectly with the innovation of the chromatic details derived by the use of ceramic engobes.

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Manufacturing process

Corso Aqua bricks are handmade by our artisans using the water-struck technique. The result is a smooth and colour-faded surface that can be beautifully assimilated into modern architecture, rich of peculiar materials like glass and steel.


Corso Aqua is designed to clad interior and exterior surfaces. Did you know that their manufacturing process is quite flexible? Select colors and sizes of your choice, so you can fulfill any functional and aesthetic need. Also available as thin bricks and corners.