Frìa Home

Mexico City
Esrawe Studio
Corso Terra PG

The concept

The request was to create an intimate space for a family of four. A research to promote get-together and interaction spaces, fostering an introspective relationship, isolated from the outside.


The structure

The architectural program includes a garden, four bedrooms, a study, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, an outdoor patio, a cellar and a rooftop terrace. The visual result takes shape through a series of volumes that are revealed and unwind along the entire path.


Our Corso Terra to express a sense of continuity

The use of a single material (our Corso Terra brick) for the facade, helps to create a sense of continuity by strengthening the monolithic and introspective character of the concept. The multiple volumes that give shape to the house turn into a sort of skin that envelopes and frames privacy. As you enter the house a continuously-flowing space surrounding the garden reveals itself. This particular element is visible from every room of the house and represents the core of the entire project.