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Floorings handmade Cotto Quareo Yellow Antique Face

Floorings handmade Cotto Quareo®

- Cotto Quareo Yellow Antique Face.

- Cotto Quareo Rosť Antique Face.

- Cotto Quareo Yellow Sanded Rustic.

- Cotto Quareo Rosť Sanded Rustic.

Our floors are entirely handmade. The production techniques are the same as ever, from mixing the clays, to the moulding and the aging treatment, tight up to the final surface waxing. Each piece is worked by expert hands at least 4 times after production. These are precious objects, combining the elegance and tradition of antique Cotto fired-bricks.

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Handmade Cotto Quareo Floorings (photo)Handmade Cotto Quareo Floorings (photo)Handmade Cotto Quareo Floorings (photos)
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